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The pain of grief and loss is something we will all experience at some point in our lives. The feelings of deep grief can be completely overwhelming. I am here to help you organize your thoughts and your next steps, with deep understanding and compassion.

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End-of Life Care

Navigating end of life can be overwhelming, especially if we are unprepared. So how do we prepare? For a family, receiving support education and advocacy is the answer. I can help create a meaningful, peaceful, compassionate and empowered end of life transition.  With Advanced care planning,  Difficult discussions, Legacy projects and more.

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A Scented Space

Using the aromatic scents of essential oils, the comforting scents found in nature, we are able to feel their supporting qualities. Scents that remind us of our youth or the travels we have taken throughout our lives can bring us comfort and support us at the end of our lives. The A Scented Space program helps us identify our personal supporting scents and then provides a portable tool to hold those scents so we can inhale and feel their support wherever we are